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TravisGPT (BETA)

TravisGPT refers to the integration of OpenAI's GPT-3 language model as chatbots on Telegram, a cloud-based messaging app. The integration of chatbots into Telegram provides a convenient and accessible platform for users to interact with AI systems, making it an increasingly popular technology in the field of conversational AI.
TravisGPT can have various uses, from providing customer service to gathering data for analytics purposes. The versions in other social media sites are building and will be released in 2023.

Try AITravis Bot


AITravis Bot for Telegram is available for free to all Telegram users. It can be added to Telegram groups or accessed through direct messaging. To prevent spam, there is a 10-second delay for group requests and a 15-second delay for direct messaging requests.
To use TravisGPT:
  • For direct messaging: simply chat without using any commands.
  • In groups: Tag @AITravis_Bot or reply to a message from the Bot Chat.
  • When adding the bot to a group, make sure to set the AITravis Bot as a group administrator.
Note: Get Premium Plan to get access unique features of AITravis with faster response speed