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Travi-S 2 (BETA)

Image Generator
Travi-S 2
Travi-S 2 is a cutting-edge computer program that leverages artificial intelligence algorithms to generate synthetic images based on user input or pre-determined styles. It can produce a wide range of visuals including landscapes, animals, abstract art, and digital portraits, all of which are created from scratch and are unique in their composition. The program's understanding of the subjects it creates sets it apart from traditional image generators.
Travi-S 2 can be used in a variety of ways. For instance, they can be used as a tool for artistic expression, as a way to create photorealistic images for advertising and design, or even as a means of creating custom photo-realistic avatars. Additionally, they can be used to train deep learning models, detect anomalies, or even provide a better understanding of how the human brain perceives images.

Generate Image with AITravis


Provide 5 image models with different commands:
  • /mid Midjourney - Finetuned model on Midjourney high-quality art using Dreambooth
  • /deli Deliberate - Finetuned model made for the masters
  • /dream DreamShaper - Finetuned model that produces high-quality art
  • /real RealisticVision - Finetuned model excellent for photorealism
  • /any Anything - Finetuned model excellent for anime

Currently, AITravis for telegram is provided for two types of accounts:

1. Free Plan

  • Use all image models with 512x512 pixels
  • Slow response (There is 10-15 seconds request delay for direct messaging)

2. Premium Plan

  • Use all image models with high resolution
  • Can use sensitive "prompts" - Not Safe/Suitable For Work (NSFW)
  • Image Upscaling
  • AI-NFT Creation
  • Customize the Image
  • Fast response